Rogue is a journal organised and published by

Rogue: the Journal for Alternative Academia

Rogue is a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal that publishes high quality and original research from the social sciences and humanities. Our specific focus is on new and interesting research that:

  • explores often-neglected fields.
  • offers inter- and multi-disciplinary perspectives.
  • demonstrates flair and creativity doesn’t fit easily into existing disciplinary boundaries.

Rogue is also a home for the growing amount of high quality research outputs that are created outside of traditional academic institutions. A lack of institutional affiliation should never be a barrier to publication.

Rogue is an open access journal, as we believe that gatekeeping academic research with extortionate paywalls is both unethical and antithetical to the free and informed debate necessary to the advancement of scholarly knowledge and public enrichment.

Rogue also aims wherever possible for the benefits of research to be shared by those involved in knowledge production. In practice this means that we are aware of the time, effort and expertise necessary for proper peer review, and while we lack the financial resources of traditional academic institutions, we are seeking ways to honour, and where possible to compensate, the academic community of peer reviewers and editors that makes Rogue possible. You can help us by becoming a member on our website.

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